i'm sam and i like major league a lot

ok so me and my friend decided to put our merch together and give it awayyyy because either we don’t want it, orrrr we go some things doubled from christmas..

you must be following me,(n0hardfeelings) and my friend rose(p0pcorn-punk), we will check.

you must reblog and may reblog as many times as you please.

in case you can’t seee the photo, the give away includes:

  • The Wonder Year’s crew neck
  • Such Gold crew neck
  • The Maine tour shirt
  • The Story So Far High Regard t-shirt
  • We Are The In Crowd Lights Out t-shirt
  • Pierce The Veil tour shirt
  • We Are The In Crowd Rumor Mill baseball tee
  • Man Overboard Rare t-shirt
  • Title Fight 27 t-shirt
  • Man Overboard windbreaker
  • Of Mice And Men - The Flood Re-Issue
  • A Day To Remember - What Separates Me Away From You
  • Taking Back Sunday - Tell All Your Friends
  • Senses Fail holiday crew neck
  • The Early November crew neck
  • You Me And Everyone We Know t-shirt
  • We Are The In Crowd t-shirt
  • The Maine tour baseball tee
  • We Came As Romans tank
  • La Dispute t-shirt
  • Transit hoodie
  • Pierce The Veil crew neck
  • Memphis May Fire - Challenger 
  • Warped ‘12 Cd

we shall decide who wins (randomly of course) on February 23rd :o

and the winner will get a message in their ask box and will have 3 days to reply or another person shall be picked.

and we will ship annnyyyywhereeeeee


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